Time Travel and Energy Centers

Building The Machine

In my opinion, no matter how many gadgets you glue together to generate a light tunnel of time warping or whatever, there is no probable way of building a time machine, and especially one where you can type in a specific date to because the reversing of light particles does not follow a calendar or time schedule. However, there are energy centers of the earth that have a recorded history (so they say)  of sending people back in time, if only for a few hours.

Take for example in England, where a couple reporting staying in an inn that was run by a French couple in the countryside. They took pictures of the inn and everything; even the people that stayed there. When they went back to the inn to stay the next year, the inn was in ruins, the only evidence left behind was crumbled remains on the forest ground, and when they asked about the whereabouts of the inn, people told them that it hadn’t been in operation for a hundred years! Imagine that!

My Plan For Time Travel

In light of this revelation, I want to find an energy center that transports me to the ancient Persian Empire. I have this theory that, if you focus you Ki, or energy, into an energy center and picture a place in your mind, then you will be able to time travel without a a pimped out ride like in the movie, Back to the Future. It may seem crazy, but human beings are made of energy and are capable of manipulating it. There are many martial arts forms that teach this principle, including on of my favorites, Tai Chi.

Energy centers, or vortexes, are places where key lines, or energy lines of the earth meet and create a very powerful reaction. Some people say that the Bermuda Triangle is an energy center. This is not just a ‘New Age’ belief; it has been scientifically proven that the earth has energy centers and energy lines that migrate with the shifting of the plates, though no one is sure how they are generated or for what purpose they exist (though there are many theories).

Energy Centers Should Be Harnessed For Something More Productive

Anyway, the use of these energy centers seems to go to waste. A lot of them are in historic parks or ancient ruins, such as the ruins found in Sedona, and people use them for meditation purposes or whatever. If I ever get around to finding a energy center I am using it for time travel, baby!

Time travel can be a tricky thing, but I have always been ambitious about going back in time to ancient Persia, and living there as a citizen. On a side note, I also think energy centers could be used to teleport people to others areas of the world without the use of planes or boats. There are so many uses for energy centers that people have never thought of, but I bet if people opened their mind to the idea, the possibilities would be limitless!

What I Will Do When I Get There

I understand that I probably won’t bet he heroine of a legendary story if I end up going back in time, but it would be nice if I DID at the very least become familiar with the King of Persia, even if I just worked in his palace as a Mandarin. Heck, I would even settle being a merchant in the capital city if I were able to interact with the people and become a full Persian citizen!

So Why Persia?

Persia was one of the few empires of the ancient world where women were given the same status, if not more status, than the men. If I were to go back in time to say the Hittite Empire, I wouldn’t have any rights at all! I would be forced to marry at an early age and I could never leave the household without a male escort. However in Persia, I could get a merchant’s license on my own, and be free to walk the streets without a brother or other male family member following me around! I wouldn’t even have to get married, if I didn’t want to.

Also, not that it particularly matters, but the Persian royal family was said to be very generous to foreigners and willing to let them become Persian citizens just as long as they accepted the language, and cultural practices of the region. What a modern way of thinking! Persia I think was the best Empire of the ancient world, and rather than Greek or Roman Empires which fell because of the greed of its leaders, I think we should emulate Persia for it’s modern way of thinking and the freedom it gave to many people in a time period where the concept of freedom was not fully understood.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, time travel is possible but the ways that people time-travel in stories are just that; fictional ways of reaching our ancestors through ridiculous methods of attaching part B to art A of the ‘Time Flux Capacitor’. If we are to time travel, it will be exercising the use of earth energy centers through focusing devices or even our own energy! Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold?


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