Marmalade Boy Live-Action Review

The show was actually really good. It was slow at first but it got really good around episode 10. If you have the time to invest, just keep watching. You won’t be disappointed. Episodes 26-29 were really annoying because the drama finally appeared out of nowhere right when everyone was supposed to be happy. The end was satisfying and worth the wait.

The music was sub-par and at times I had to mute my speakers to get through a scene with it playing. I did really like the main theme song of the show. I downloaded it from a website and I listen to it all of the time now.

I thought that the acting was decent. I’ve watched shows with worse acting that I have stuck through because I liked the plot. In this case, I really liked the plot and all of the characters. The music got on my nerves, but I could deal with it.

I have read the all of the Manga and watched the Anime (including the animated movie). I have to say that this is a pretty good adaption of the Manga. The anime was a little too draggy and I wasn’t all that satisfied with the end. The Manga has the best ending out of all the versions, but the drama follows it pretty well so I can’t complain.

People say that the actors are ugly and too old to play the parts but honestly I don’t think that should be the reason to watch a show. If a show has an interesting plot, evolving characters, and believable relationships then it shouldn’t matter what the actors look like.

As the show progressed, I really came to love all of the characters and admire the friendship that formed between them. The relationships between the characters were complicated and real. It didn’t have the same drama factor as some other shows, but there were certain parts that seriously cracked me up and other parts that made me cry my eyes out. I think these elements make a good drama and this show had plenty of ups and downs to keep the watcher entertained.

There were only a few things that bothered me about this show. For one thing, Yuu’s character got on my nerves because he kept trying to find his “father.” It was kind of creepy that he was so into trying to find out where he came from that he allowed it to control his life as much as it did. If I were in his shoes, I would have just asked my parents and saved myself a lot of heartache.

*This is a spoiler. Don’t read this paragraph if you don’t want to know.*

Another thing that bothered me is that the school president and the tennis club member’s cousin never got a hookup. I think they were the two characters most deserving of someone and they had to be single in the end. It made me sad on the inside. I would date the school president! Give me his number. I’m calling.

*End of spoiler.*

The ending drama kind of came out of nowhere, as I stated before. I won’t give anything away, but (in all versions) unnecessary things happen for a pretty lame reason. It’s like the writer ran out of an idea to make the story interesting so she thought “Oh, I know. I’ll just pull a subplot out of a hat and see what happens.” Well, the end of all the versions is the result of what happens. I guess I can’t complain too much. Like I said, at last the episode turned out well.

I really wanted to see more romantic action between the characters. It has more romantic situations than other shows, but I would have liked to see some of the characters that had open-ended relationships at the end at least hook-up with someone. Also, I wonder what happened to Miki’s temporary boyfriend. Did he get abducted by aliens or what?

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this show. It was very lighthearted and the plot was very unique. I especially liked the friendship between all of the character because it showed that friendship can overcome petty fights and bad experiences. This show makes me want to make a lot of friends, have love triangles (pentagons?), and live life to the fullest. Yuu and Miki forever! I hope one day, I can find my Yuu.

Hello My Teacher Review

I personally really enjoyed this drama. Some people said the ending seemed unrealistic, but to me it made sense. I am sure that Tae In is always going to be the fun-loving, irresponsible person he always was no matter how old he gets, so it makes sense that he would give that speech to the class at the end. At first, I thought he was a teacher and then I saw that he was just occupying the class until Na Bori got there. That made me laugh so hard! I won’t give away any more details. I don’t want to ruin the end for anyone. (There is more to it than I mentioned. You’ll just have to watch to find out!)

*This section will contain some spoilers. Do not read this if you want to find out some of these details on your own.*

There were only a few things that bothered me about this show. For one thing, the music wasn’t the best. I don’t know what it is about Korean dramas, but they never seem to have the best soundtracks, with the exception of “Boys Over Flowers” which I thought had an excellent music lineup. I was also annoyed that some of the other character stories besides the stories of the main characters (Na Bori, Ji Hyun Woo, Tae In and a few others) were not wrapped up at the end.

I didn’t feel like there was really any closure with the Tae In’s family situation, which also made me a little annoyed. Also, I thought that Ji Hyun Woo should have at least apologized for the way he treated Na Bori but he never so much as paid her a visit to congratulate her for becoming a teacher. That really made me mad at him as a character, but I assume that he had something to do with getting her hired, so I guess I can’t be too mad.

Another thing I was curious about was what Tae In did for a living at the end. I thought this could have been explained better. I think he is an office worker or something, but it is hard to say. It did make sense that Tae In took care of the children while Na Bori was at work. I can see Tae In as being the fun-loving stay-at-home dad while Na Bori is the hardworking professional. It makes sense, somehow, and that is why the ending didn’t seem unrealistic in any way.

*End of spoilers. You can read now, if you want.*

I really loved Na Bori as a character. I felt that I could really relate to her and her situation because I had a similar school experience when I was growing up. My reasons for wanting to become a language teacher are the same as Na Bori’s reasons (save the fact that she was in part doing it for the art teacher as well) so I felt that I really connected with her character. I thought the supporting cast was all very good as well and convinced me to believe in each one of their stories.

The story itself was very good and there was a definite growth in the characters as the story progressed. Even Tae In grew as a character because of his love for Na Bori, which I thought was very touching and a powerful message that the kindness you show to others can change lives. Overall, I thought this was a great show to watch, despite its shortcomings. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good drama to pass the time with.

Boys Over Flowers (Korean Version) Review

I love all the versions of this show (Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Garden, Meteor Shower, and Boys Over Flowers). Each show has a new way of interpreting the characters that adds a lot of depth to them when you go back and watch another version. I think that this show and the Japanese Hana Yori Dango are my favorite representations of the classic tale. The reason I like this version so much is that a lot of characterization went into each member of the F-4, and especially the relationship between the “Makino” character and the “Rui” character. I also like that it interpreted the story a little different than some of the other versions have.

There were only a few things that bothered me about this series. The first thing was that the scene transitions were often rough and you had to guess how people got to the next scene at times or even whether or not the scene had changed at all. It could be that it was just my first time watching it and I was confused, but for some reason I have the idea that if I were to go back and watch the series again (which I will one of these days) I would still be confused at the same parts of the show.

I was also a little annoyed that the “Domyoji” character seemed less interested in the “Makino” character than in some of the other versions. I think this is my first time watching a version of this story where I would have preferred “Makino” to end up with “Rui.” (I am using the Japanese names because I am not familiar enough with the Korean spelling of them.) I did think the “Domyoji” in this version was very true to the manga version and was hot to boot. This is probably one of the hottest “Domyojis” ever portrayed on screen and it served its fan purpose well.

The only other thing that bothered me about this series was the end. It seemed kind of unrealistic and abrupt in many ways, but at the same time it kind of worked for the series, so I can’t complain too much. At least it had a happy ending, unlike in some of the other versions which had more of a bittersweet ending (Meteor Garden/ Meteor Shower).

Overall, I was very impressed with the characterization that went into each one of the characters in the show. I thought that all of the actors were really great and made me believe in what was happening in a scene, even though there were some apparent plot holes and rough transitions throughout the series. I also really liked the “Makino” in this version, because she was very independent and thought for herself. I felt that I could really relate to her character.

This was a very impressive interpretation of the Manga, Anime, and other versions of the show that have come before it. I highly recommend watching it if you are a diehard Boys Over flowers fan because you won’t be disappointed with the direction the show goes in. Just brace yourself for an anticlimactic ending. You can’t hold that against the show though, or make it a reason for not watching it; it was very well produced. There’s always the Japanese version if you want the perfect ending of all of the shows.

You’re Beautiful Review

Do not let the first couple of episodes or so of this series turn you off from watching it; it gets better and better as the series progresses! Aside from Hana Yori Dango (in its multiple forms), this series has one of the most satisfying endings I have ever watched in an Asian drama.

There are rumors of a second season of “You’re Beautiful” being filmed right now, but I am not sure whether or not this is true. I’m not quite sure how the producers would manage to pull off a second season of the show, since all of the loose strings have been tied up by the end of the first season. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the producers have up their sleeves.

The weird thing about this series is that it starts out like a full out comedy, but it slowly evolves into a drama with funny moments in it. The characters are all very well developed (even the side characters) and while not every character has a traumatic past like in some dramas (there are quite a few people in the show with very happy lives) there is enough drama and conflict between characters that occurs in the series itself to make up for it.

I love the way that the main feminine lead is able to change all of the male leads through her kindness and sincerity by the end of the series. It is not an original idea, but this series really pulls it off well. You can really see the change in all of the characters by the end; even the minor characters whose small scenes really add a lot to the main plot.

It’s Shakespeare for the 21th century at work, man! Ok, maybe that is going a little too far, but I have to say I am impressed with the air time that the minor characters got that really added to the main plot of the story.

There are only a few things that bothered me about this series. The first thing was that the main feminine lead starts out as a nun in training, but this is completely dropped as a concept by the middle of the series, which kind of makes the visualizations of the Head Mother irrelevant after a while. I think the producers picked up on this by the middle of the series and chose not to include these scenes later on because they came in conflict with…well…the main conflict of the characters and plot.

I would have liked to see more of the idea of ‘divine assistance’ present such as in “One Pound Gospel”, but then again, I think a lot of the drama and depth of the series would have been lost if they stuck with ‘divine comedy’ theme at the beginning.

One gets the idea that the producers read “One Pound Gospel” and tried to put their own spin on it because the beginning is completely different than the end. In other words, they probably just made stuff up as they went along, but in this case it actually worked. I think if “Hana Yori Dango” and “One Pound Gospel” had a baby, it would be this show.

The only other thing that really bothered me was the fact that the main female lead was really weak when it came to making romantic decisions at times and I found myself annoyed at the fact that she didn’t just set everyone straight from the beginning. Then again, I think the series would have lost a lot of its meaning if the male leads didn’t change because they were moved by their love for her, so it gets kind of tricky.

I think the perfect “reverse harem” situation is in Ouran High School, when all of the characters fall in love with the main character to an extent, fight over her, but always have a nod or conspiracy that the “Prince” is her real hookup. I think this adds to the fun and humor of the series. In this series, it seems like a lot of hearts were unnecessarily broken and that the main female lead was made to choose between three options; lime, black, or yellow through the whole series.

This was hard for me to stomach as a viewer at times because I was so attached to all of the male leads that I wanted her to end up with all of them, to be honest, where as in Hana Yori Dango I knew from the first episode that Makino had to be with Tsukasa, no questions asked.

The music in the show got on my nerves at times because I do not really like pop music and that is pretty much what the band A.N.JELL plays throughout the entire series. Every time one of those sappy love songs played, I felt like ‘duck and covering’ or hiding altogether until the music track went away. The fact that the singers in the band lip-synced most their songs was also kind of annoying, as I am a music purist.

Some of the plot ideas were abandoned without an explanation, which the viewer just had to assume the characters did when they weren’t watching/ the film wasn’t rolling. Despite the show’s apparent plot holes in terms of comedic choices at the beginning, and female lead’s indecisiveness, I really enjoyed watching this show.

I would definitely watch it again. It’s a show you could watch a few times and probably discover something new each time you watched it. I think the producers were just as surprised as we were that this concept actually worked, which makes this show interesting to watch and really sets it apart from other dramas.

Yamada Taro Monogatari Live-Action Review

I don’t care what anyone says; this drama rocked!

Some people thought the ending seemed unrealistic, but personally I don’t think it was that farfetched. I had a friend I went to middle school with whose dad won the lottery after she graduated from high school. Her family became instantly rich, but they never bought a large house or anything. They just reinvested the money.

In life there are a lot of unforeseen twists and turns. It is very probable something like what happened to Taro’s family could happen in real life. I mean, with all those reality shows out to improve people’s lives, you see poor people getting new houses all the time. (Such as in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.)

If realism is going to be argued, people have to keep in mind that the show was adapted from a manga, so of course it’s going to be a little far out there at times. Either way, I found it to be a good show with lots of charm and good morals.

The show teaches you that the simple things in life are the most precious and that money isn’t everything. (Though it certainly helps.) I really LOVED Taro’s character. I wish there was a guy like that in real life; no lie! I’d marry him whether he was rich or not.

I thought the acting was really good which made the characters feel like they could be real people. I personally wasn’t annoyed with the main female lead, though many people seemed to be. I thought it was cool how her character progressed from someone who wanted to marry into money, to someone who loved Taro for who he was. To me, that meant more than having a female lead who “always did the right thing”. To have her come to the realization on her own and grow was what made the show interesting and part of what gave it its charm.

I also adored Taro’s friend, Takuya. He was from a rich family, but he had a good heart and a very good sense of humor. At the beginning he was quiet and didn’t seem willing to make friends, but after meeting Taro you see this change in him that is quite astounding. Through the series, his character progresses as he becomes someone who is willing to be a friend and seek happiness through the simple things in life like friendship and being part of a family. I was really touched with how much he changed and cared for Taro at the end.

I really like Taro’s parents, despite what people say too. Let” just say that I have a similar family situation and I understand how it is to have a mom like Taro’s. I didn’t find her to be weak at all. The woman has nine kids and still manages to do her best. It could be that there is a health reason why she can’t work. Also, her husband is always away, so that must put a lot of weight on her heart. As the eldest son, Taro is doing is best to support everyone (like I am the eldest in my family and I find it my responsibility to do the same) so I couldn’t be angry with his parents since my situation at home is the same.

Also, who could hate Taro’s dad? He travels the world and meets all sorts of interesting people wherever he goes! What an envious life! He wants the best for his family, but wants them to make their own decisions and choose their own happiness.

All the characters are memorable and the series is something that will touch your heart time and time again. I love this series! I recommend it to everyone who wants a good laugh over a warm cup of tea. This series has plenty of them and won’t disappoint.

Devil Beside You Live-Action Review

Brothers and sisters shouldn’t love each other in that way. Period.

That being said, I have to admit that the story was pretty good. It wasn’t really deep or something new. I’ve seen this plot done like a hundred million times before (save the brother/ sister thing). However, the characters are memorable and I really liked them, especially the devil boy.

The show was pretty funny in some parts, which made watching the drama worth it to see the new funny thing the directors could come up with.

The romance was rushed and cheesy. The only relationship that seemed real to me was the main chick’s friend and the basketball coach’s relationship. Every other relationship seems fake (romantically speaking).

On the other hand, I think the relationship between the friends is very real and believable, especially between devil boy and his posse. I love all of those bad boys!

The idea of a brother and sister loving each other is a little over the top. I don’t feel the show needed that twist to be different. It just came off as weird.

All in all I would recommend this show. It’s cheesy in some parts, the romance doesn’t make sense, and the plot is something I’ve seen a million times. However, there is something about it that makes one want to keep watching. For me, it was the devil boy. I can never get enough of him!

Why Why Love Review

The show was pretty good. It made me laugh so many times! It didn’t move me to tears like Hana Yori Dango, or really have a powerful script like Nobuta Wo Produce but the characters were memorable enough to, if not relate to, fall in love with.

I really liked the devil boy. He really stole the show for me but the other characters had a deep emotional impact on me as well. I immediately noticed that the main two brothers in the show bore a strong resemblance to Van Fanel and Folken Fanel from The Vision of Escaflowne. That was really what got me watching it in the first place.

I think that if they ever make a live action Escaflowne, they should cast those two guys as Van and Folken. They even sound and act like them!

Why Why Love follows a similar television show formula as many successful shows of its type. It has a pure-hearted main female protagonist who can do no wrong, two men fighting over the main female lead who both have an equal reason to love and protect her, and a best friend who always offers advice when the main female lead is in need of it.

It follows the books; the setup has been done before time and time again. Yet, there is just something about the show that makes it stand out from other shows of its kind. It might have something to do with the way the actual episodes are produced. The episodes are shot using equipment generally used for movie theater releases so it is like you are going to the movies each time you watch each episode.

The music definitely adds a lot to the series. There were times when I watched the show just to listen to the music track. This is always a good sign.

In the end I think the thing that really attracted me to the show was the genuine friendship that formed between each of the characters. Unlike a lot of shows the relationships that formed between the characters both romantic and Platonic seemed REAL. This bond between the characters made any weird plot turn they went through (and trust me, there were some real far-out plots that appeared throughout the series) seem believable.

If you are looking for a good drama with a familiar plot structure, and a happy ending, this drama is for you. If you are looking for a piece of art there are plenty of other dramas out there you can look into. Take this drama for what it is; the chicken soup of Asian Dramas. It’s good for the soul; it will make you believe in true love again. Just don’t expect to see anything that you already haven’t seen in other dramas just like it.

Nodame Cantabile Live-Action Review

I can sum up this show in one word; brilliant. Everything about it was AMAZING. There are so many reasons why this show is a groundbreaking title in its genre (and why it is superior to the manga and anime it is based off of).

I will admit that the show was a little hard to get into at first, but once the characters started to develop I just couldn’t stop watching it.

I loved the use of language in the show. I understand French and German (and of course, English), so this show was really fun to watch coming from the perspective of someone who has studied music and is fluent in more than one language.

I was impressed that for the most part the show was filmed ON LOCATION. This means that when the characters had a concert in Italy, they shot footage; IN ITALY. This shows that directors really took the representation of the show’s visual aspect serious.

The music in the show was outstanding. The directors pulled in all of the classical pieces most music enthusiasts are familiar with but gave them a twist and new life at each concert that Chiaki conducted throughout the series.

The most amusing aspect of the show is the female lead, Nodame, who THANK GOD is not a tragic heroine in distress type that we see in so many other shows. Nodame is not at all what you would expect a classical pianist to be. She is a slob. She never practices her music. She falls asleep on ransom park benches. She drives her mentor, Chiaki, crazy. And she is WONDERFUL. You come to love every one of her dysfunctions the more you watch the show and love her for her quirkiness.

The male lead Chiaki is just amusing as a neat-freak conductor who has a fear of flying on airplanes. This prevents him from becoming a world class conductor in Europe because he can’t leave his home country of Japan. Fortunately, he meets the quirky female lead Nodame who encourages to pursuit his dreams and overcome his fear of flying. This is cleverly paralleled with his fear of failure and not living up to other people’s expectations. By listening to Nodame’s advice, he learns to overcome his fears of flying and not becoming a world class conductor, one concert performance at a time.

I can’t tell you enough how much I love this show! It has just the right amount of humor and touching moments. There are a lot of really good life lessons in it, especially the reoccurring theme of never giving up, no matter how many times you fail. I also love the friendship between all of the characters and the relationship that develops between Chiaki and Nodame. This has easily become one of my favorite dramas of all time. Chiaki and Nodame forever!

The show will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you think about your life and how everything you do impacts the people closest to you for better or for worse. It will make you want to be part of the music making experience, as it centers on the progression of different musicians as they make their way through college and then the larger music industry when they go out into the world after they graduate from their individual music programs.

This show will please audiences of all ages and will continue to inspire viewers to pursuit their life goals, no matter how impossible or out of reach they may seem.

Interesting Facts Concerning The Supernatural

Lately I have been getting really into the mythology surrounding demon fighting/ fighting of evil supernatural entities and I’ve done a lot of research into it. A lot of what the media portrays it as being is completely wrong. For one thing, people always tie demon fighting with Christianity but every major religion in the world, spiritual practice, and ancient mythology/ religious practice contains legends of demon fighters and even ways to get rid of them. Therefore, one can’t link demon fighting with a specific religion; it is something that has been around for a very long time with any evolving rule set as the times changed. The most effective demon fighting doesn’t come with crosses, religious symbols, or a priest; it comes with magic. That’s right; the supernatural manipulation of energy is what gets rid of demons. Sounds like a conflict of interest getting rid of something with an art that is said to be anti-religious but I would remind you again that fighting evil supernatural entities is not tied to any specific religion; it is just a reality of the world.

We live in a realm that has multiple dimensions, supernatural entities, and unexplained occurrences as proven by string theory and quantum physics. This being the case, using energy as a source to get rid of unwanted spiritual energy isn’t such a far stretch of the imagination. In fact, there are real cases of people who can use energy or magnetism to levitate objects, stick objects to themselves, and create high pitched noises to confuse people. There are real life cases of people who exhibit characteristics similar to those that vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural entities share. For example there is a real life story of a man that turned into a tree. That is right. You heard me correctly. He turned into a tree. If you don’t believe me, look up Tree Man on YouTube and you will get some very interesting results. If you are interested in other weird paranormal people, look up the show True Life Superheroes and you will be introduced to many people, including the Ice Man who can withstand impossible weather changes, which make a pretty convincing argument that supernatural things exist in this world.

Aside from weird supernatural people, there are also recorded power spots, leylines, and energy centers that the earth emits that are said to contain energy that can take people to other realms, other places on earth, and even heal people. Nikola Tesla, a scientist, actually figured out how to harness the energy that the earth emits to create a free energy source that draws directly from the earth’s magnetic field. Because companies could find no profit in it, they chose to go with Thomas Edison’s invention, the light bulb, instead. The companies also felt that Thomas Edison’s invention fit in better with the production line system. However, had we gone with Tesla’s invention we would have free energy for everything from cars to indoor lighting and would not be in the energy crisis we are in today. It all goes back to greed and the companies wanting to charge for services that a free energy system could not provide them. I’m pretty optimistic though. One day we will find out how to harness free energy for ourselves, and companies will find some way to charge people for it. Got to love capitalism. The point of me rambling on about all of this is that supernatural things do exist in the world and the answers are out there if you take the time to look for them.

The supernatural occurrences of the world are pretty normal and have their roots in scientific understanding. Why people can’t wrap their heads around these things is pretty surprising to me considering that life itself is somewhat of a supernatural occurrence and no one questions it. Beyond supernatural entities, there are archaeological instances of civilizations made of little people, and also civilizations made of giants. Archaeologists have found people with characteristics of elves although they classify those people as genetic mutations the fact is that they still existed. Then there is the fact that dinosaurs share characteristics with almost every dragon mythology in the world. This is weird considering that they were supposed to have died a long time ago and not have coexisted with human beings. Yet, even in South America, there is a legend to this day about a dinosaur that looks like a brontosaurus that makes rain and brings life to the rain forest. None of the members of the South American tribe have ever been to a natural history museum but the native people always draw the picture of the brontosaurus with such accuracy that it makes anthropologists wonder if some dinosaurs actually did survive the original mass extinction.

The mythologies I have read surrounding demon fighting from all over the world are very interesting. All of what I would consider the true accounts include using spiritual energy to get rid of them. A lot of the most interesting accounts come from Norse Mythology which is one of the only mythologies to include alternate dimensions linked with the natural world within it. For example, Norse mythology says that the world is divided into many alternate universes accessed by portals. There is a realm of the giants, a realm of the elves, a realm of the dwarfs, etc. that are all linked with portals to our world. In Norse mythology there is also a lot legends about Loki the trickster who often works with bad spirits to get on the bad side of the other Gods/ supernatural beings. Demon fighters were the heroes that rose up using their supernatural abilities to end Loki’s mischief and tampering with the dark forces. I would classify any hero as someone with a gift for demon fighting, although they may not have been called that in the actual mythology, because they stop evil with their supernatural ability which is the very definition of what a demon fighter is.

Other texts show that demon fighters had a specific code they lived by. For example they never took the life of a demon or evil entity because all life was considered sacred to the Gods. Instead, they bound the entities with their magic and sent them back to the underworld. In other cases they redeemed the souls of the evil entities and turned them to good. Very rarely did they actually kill an evil entity unless they absolutely had to. This is very different than the media presentation which always shows a Catholic priest exercising s demon from a young girl. (And isn’t it interesting that is always a woman who is possessed?) Demon fighting has a very long history that is more complex than using just crosses to drive out evil forces and talking to angelic beings. It spans across time to every major religious belief and mythology ever recorded in human history and beyond. It’s an interesting subject that I wish people portrayed more accurately in cinema, television, or books who always link it with Christianity when its roots go back to the very first human beings on the planet. This is why I am writing a book series that tells the truth about this conflict subject and disconnects it with Christianity; a mistake that too many people have made in the presentation of it over the years.

The Name Game

Did you ever notice how you tend to get along really well with a certain name of person, and not so well with another name? It’s weird. Like for example, I have always gotten along really well with people named David or Sarah, and I have met many people with these names in my life. Of course, I have people with all sorts of other names that I get along with too. But, for some reason, I attract Davids and Sarahs.

I was doing some name research and it turns out that the polarity of certain letters (like energies of the letters, spoken or read) attract different things to you, not just people. Like The E-M-M-A in my name attracts stubbornness, high sense of justice, kindness, brutal honesty, and the ability to offend with purpose. Does that sound like me or what? And the polarity of the A attracts other people with this quality, most commonly people with the names David or Sarah. That is very true for me! Maybe not so true for other people with my name, but it may be that they attract people with other polarities in their name like from the polarity of the E or M.

The name as a whole can also attract things to you. Like “Eh” and “Ma” together attract creativity, spiritual awareness, and honesty. So, you can use your own name to invoke latent skills in yourself. It’s pretty interesting. This just goes to show you that everyone is named for a purpose, and if you don’t like your name, be very careful to choose one that has energies that match up with your personality, that can be used to invoke and unlock hidden talents.

I also realized that I tend to get along with Shawns. I’ve known many guys named Shawn and they were all pretty cool. And I’ve known a lot of Chris’, in both girl and boy form. Shawn makes sense because of the matched polarity of the A, and in some cases E and A (in the case of Sean). But Chris or Kris doesn’t really make sense unless you go by Kristina or Christian, the full versions, and then there is a definite match of polarity with the A.

Oh and for the girl polarity I have known a lot of Elizabeths and Rebeccas. With Elizabeth there is a matched polarity in E (twice!!) and also with the polarity of the A. In Rebecca there is a matched polarity with the E (twice again!!) with the U and the A. So naturally, many of my close friends have been named Elizabeth or Rebecca. And I happened to work with a Rebecca at my Job in the past. She was my boss. I of course also have a sister named Rebecca who I get along with quite well.