The Name Game

Did you ever notice how you tend to get along really well with a certain name of person, and not so well with another name? It’s weird. Like for example, I have always gotten along really well with people named David or Sarah, and I have met many people with these names in my life. Of course, I have people with all sorts of other names that I get along with too. But, for some reason, I attract Davids and Sarahs.

I was doing some name research and it turns out that the polarity of certain letters (like energies of the letters, spoken or read) attract different things to you, not just people. Like The E-M-M-A in my name attracts stubbornness, high sense of justice, kindness, brutal honesty, and the ability to offend with purpose. Does that sound like me or what? And the polarity of the A attracts other people with this quality, most commonly people with the names David or Sarah. That is very true for me! Maybe not so true for other people with my name, but it may be that they attract people with other polarities in their name like from the polarity of the E or M.

The name as a whole can also attract things to you. Like “Eh” and “Ma” together attract creativity, spiritual awareness, and honesty. So, you can use your own name to invoke latent skills in yourself. It’s pretty interesting. This just goes to show you that everyone is named for a purpose, and if you don’t like your name, be very careful to choose one that has energies that match up with your personality, that can be used to invoke and unlock hidden talents.

I also realized that I tend to get along with Shawns. I’ve known many guys named Shawn and they were all pretty cool. And I’ve known a lot of Chris’, in both girl and boy form. Shawn makes sense because of the matched polarity of the A, and in some cases E and A (in the case of Sean). But Chris or Kris doesn’t really make sense unless you go by Kristina or Christian, the full versions, and then there is a definite match of polarity with the A.

Oh and for the girl polarity I have known a lot of Elizabeths and Rebeccas. With Elizabeth there is a matched polarity in E (twice!!) and also with the polarity of the A. In Rebecca there is a matched polarity with the E (twice again!!) with the U and the A. So naturally, many of my close friends have been named Elizabeth or Rebecca. And I happened to work with a Rebecca at my Job in the past. She was my boss. I of course also have a sister named Rebecca who I get along with quite well.


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