Boys Over Flowers (Korean Version) Review

I love all the versions of this show (Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Garden, Meteor Shower, and Boys Over Flowers). Each show has a new way of interpreting the characters that adds a lot of depth to them when you go back and watch another version. I think that this show and the Japanese Hana Yori Dango are my favorite representations of the classic tale. The reason I like this version so much is that a lot of characterization went into each member of the F-4, and especially the relationship between the “Makino” character and the “Rui” character. I also like that it interpreted the story a little different than some of the other versions have.

There were only a few things that bothered me about this series. The first thing was that the scene transitions were often rough and you had to guess how people got to the next scene at times or even whether or not the scene had changed at all. It could be that it was just my first time watching it and I was confused, but for some reason I have the idea that if I were to go back and watch the series again (which I will one of these days) I would still be confused at the same parts of the show.

I was also a little annoyed that the “Domyoji” character seemed less interested in the “Makino” character than in some of the other versions. I think this is my first time watching a version of this story where I would have preferred “Makino” to end up with “Rui.” (I am using the Japanese names because I am not familiar enough with the Korean spelling of them.) I did think the “Domyoji” in this version was very true to the manga version and was hot to boot. This is probably one of the hottest “Domyojis” ever portrayed on screen and it served its fan purpose well.

The only other thing that bothered me about this series was the end. It seemed kind of unrealistic and abrupt in many ways, but at the same time it kind of worked for the series, so I can’t complain too much. At least it had a happy ending, unlike in some of the other versions which had more of a bittersweet ending (Meteor Garden/ Meteor Shower).

Overall, I was very impressed with the characterization that went into each one of the characters in the show. I thought that all of the actors were really great and made me believe in what was happening in a scene, even though there were some apparent plot holes and rough transitions throughout the series. I also really liked the “Makino” in this version, because she was very independent and thought for herself. I felt that I could really relate to her character.

This was a very impressive interpretation of the Manga, Anime, and other versions of the show that have come before it. I highly recommend watching it if you are a diehard Boys Over flowers fan because you won’t be disappointed with the direction the show goes in. Just brace yourself for an anticlimactic ending. You can’t hold that against the show though, or make it a reason for not watching it; it was very well produced. There’s always the Japanese version if you want the perfect ending of all of the shows.

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