Hello My Teacher Review

I personally really enjoyed this drama. Some people said the ending seemed unrealistic, but to me it made sense. I am sure that Tae In is always going to be the fun-loving, irresponsible person he always was no matter how old he gets, so it makes sense that he would give that speech to the class at the end. At first, I thought he was a teacher and then I saw that he was just occupying the class until Na Bori got there. That made me laugh so hard! I won’t give away any more details. I don’t want to ruin the end for anyone. (There is more to it than I mentioned. You’ll just have to watch to find out!)

*This section will contain some spoilers. Do not read this if you want to find out some of these details on your own.*

There were only a few things that bothered me about this show. For one thing, the music wasn’t the best. I don’t know what it is about Korean dramas, but they never seem to have the best soundtracks, with the exception of “Boys Over Flowers” which I thought had an excellent music lineup. I was also annoyed that some of the other character stories besides the stories of the main characters (Na Bori, Ji Hyun Woo, Tae In and a few others) were not wrapped up at the end.

I didn’t feel like there was really any closure with the Tae In’s family situation, which also made me a little annoyed. Also, I thought that Ji Hyun Woo should have at least apologized for the way he treated Na Bori but he never so much as paid her a visit to congratulate her for becoming a teacher. That really made me mad at him as a character, but I assume that he had something to do with getting her hired, so I guess I can’t be too mad.

Another thing I was curious about was what Tae In did for a living at the end. I thought this could have been explained better. I think he is an office worker or something, but it is hard to say. It did make sense that Tae In took care of the children while Na Bori was at work. I can see Tae In as being the fun-loving stay-at-home dad while Na Bori is the hardworking professional. It makes sense, somehow, and that is why the ending didn’t seem unrealistic in any way.

*End of spoilers. You can read now, if you want.*

I really loved Na Bori as a character. I felt that I could really relate to her and her situation because I had a similar school experience when I was growing up. My reasons for wanting to become a language teacher are the same as Na Bori’s reasons (save the fact that she was in part doing it for the art teacher as well) so I felt that I really connected with her character. I thought the supporting cast was all very good as well and convinced me to believe in each one of their stories.

The story itself was very good and there was a definite growth in the characters as the story progressed. Even Tae In grew as a character because of his love for Na Bori, which I thought was very touching and a powerful message that the kindness you show to others can change lives. Overall, I thought this was a great show to watch, despite its shortcomings. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good drama to pass the time with.

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