Marmalade Boy Live-Action Review

The show was actually really good. It was slow at first but it got really good around episode 10. If you have the time to invest, just keep watching. You won’t be disappointed. Episodes 26-29 were really annoying because the drama finally appeared out of nowhere right when everyone was supposed to be happy. The end was satisfying and worth the wait.

The music was sub-par and at times I had to mute my speakers to get through a scene with it playing. I did really like the main theme song of the show. I downloaded it from a website and I listen to it all of the time now.

I thought that the acting was decent. I’ve watched shows with worse acting that I have stuck through because I liked the plot. In this case, I really liked the plot and all of the characters. The music got on my nerves, but I could deal with it.

I have read the all of the Manga and watched the Anime (including the animated movie). I have to say that this is a pretty good adaption of the Manga. The anime was a little too draggy and I wasn’t all that satisfied with the end. The Manga has the best ending out of all the versions, but the drama follows it pretty well so I can’t complain.

People say that the actors are ugly and too old to play the parts but honestly I don’t think that should be the reason to watch a show. If a show has an interesting plot, evolving characters, and believable relationships then it shouldn’t matter what the actors look like.

As the show progressed, I really came to love all of the characters and admire the friendship that formed between them. The relationships between the characters were complicated and real. It didn’t have the same drama factor as some other shows, but there were certain parts that seriously cracked me up and other parts that made me cry my eyes out. I think these elements make a good drama and this show had plenty of ups and downs to keep the watcher entertained.

There were only a few things that bothered me about this show. For one thing, Yuu’s character got on my nerves because he kept trying to find his “father.” It was kind of creepy that he was so into trying to find out where he came from that he allowed it to control his life as much as it did. If I were in his shoes, I would have just asked my parents and saved myself a lot of heartache.

*This is a spoiler. Don’t read this paragraph if you don’t want to know.*

Another thing that bothered me is that the school president and the tennis club member’s cousin never got a hookup. I think they were the two characters most deserving of someone and they had to be single in the end. It made me sad on the inside. I would date the school president! Give me his number. I’m calling.

*End of spoiler.*

The ending drama kind of came out of nowhere, as I stated before. I won’t give anything away, but (in all versions) unnecessary things happen for a pretty lame reason. It’s like the writer ran out of an idea to make the story interesting so she thought “Oh, I know. I’ll just pull a subplot out of a hat and see what happens.” Well, the end of all the versions is the result of what happens. I guess I can’t complain too much. Like I said, at last the episode turned out well.

I really wanted to see more romantic action between the characters. It has more romantic situations than other shows, but I would have liked to see some of the characters that had open-ended relationships at the end at least hook-up with someone. Also, I wonder what happened to Miki’s temporary boyfriend. Did he get abducted by aliens or what?

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this show. It was very lighthearted and the plot was very unique. I especially liked the friendship between all of the character because it showed that friendship can overcome petty fights and bad experiences. This show makes me want to make a lot of friends, have love triangles (pentagons?), and live life to the fullest. Yuu and Miki forever! I hope one day, I can find my Yuu.

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