Yamada Taro Monogatari Live-Action Review

I don’t care what anyone says; this drama rocked!

Some people thought the ending seemed unrealistic, but personally I don’t think it was that farfetched. I had a friend I went to middle school with whose dad won the lottery after she graduated from high school. Her family became instantly rich, but they never bought a large house or anything. They just reinvested the money.

In life there are a lot of unforeseen twists and turns. It is very probable something like what happened to Taro’s family could happen in real life. I mean, with all those reality shows out to improve people’s lives, you see poor people getting new houses all the time. (Such as in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.)

If realism is going to be argued, people have to keep in mind that the show was adapted from a manga, so of course it’s going to be a little far out there at times. Either way, I found it to be a good show with lots of charm and good morals.

The show teaches you that the simple things in life are the most precious and that money isn’t everything. (Though it certainly helps.) I really LOVED Taro’s character. I wish there was a guy like that in real life; no lie! I’d marry him whether he was rich or not.

I thought the acting was really good which made the characters feel like they could be real people. I personally wasn’t annoyed with the main female lead, though many people seemed to be. I thought it was cool how her character progressed from someone who wanted to marry into money, to someone who loved Taro for who he was. To me, that meant more than having a female lead who “always did the right thing”. To have her come to the realization on her own and grow was what made the show interesting and part of what gave it its charm.

I also adored Taro’s friend, Takuya. He was from a rich family, but he had a good heart and a very good sense of humor. At the beginning he was quiet and didn’t seem willing to make friends, but after meeting Taro you see this change in him that is quite astounding. Through the series, his character progresses as he becomes someone who is willing to be a friend and seek happiness through the simple things in life like friendship and being part of a family. I was really touched with how much he changed and cared for Taro at the end.

I really like Taro’s parents, despite what people say too. Let” just say that I have a similar family situation and I understand how it is to have a mom like Taro’s. I didn’t find her to be weak at all. The woman has nine kids and still manages to do her best. It could be that there is a health reason why she can’t work. Also, her husband is always away, so that must put a lot of weight on her heart. As the eldest son, Taro is doing is best to support everyone (like I am the eldest in my family and I find it my responsibility to do the same) so I couldn’t be angry with his parents since my situation at home is the same.

Also, who could hate Taro’s dad? He travels the world and meets all sorts of interesting people wherever he goes! What an envious life! He wants the best for his family, but wants them to make their own decisions and choose their own happiness.

All the characters are memorable and the series is something that will touch your heart time and time again. I love this series! I recommend it to everyone who wants a good laugh over a warm cup of tea. This series has plenty of them and won’t disappoint.

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