The Power of Words

A particular study carried out by Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto exposed water to different music frequencies. The water that was exposed to meditation music and other wholesome sounds produced really awesome water crystals. However, the water that was exposed to chaotic vibrations was broken and diseased.

One part of the study illustrated that human beings are made up of water. The frequencies or sounds had the potential of either building up the water molecules inside the body or breaking them down. Chaotic or negative vibrations had the potential of making the internal cells and organs sick. Thus, the research showed that any chaotic music or sounds a human body is subjected to can harm it in significant ways.

Another interesting study was performed by the same researcher. Dr. Masaru Emoto had two jars of rice. To one jar of rice, he only said uplifting, positive things every day. But to the other jar of rice, he only said hateful, negative things. At the end of the experiment, the jar of rice with positive words was fine weeks after the fact, while the jar of rice subjected to negative words and vibrations literally started to decay.

Both of these studies illustrate the effect of words and certain vibrations on things and their power over their surrounding environments.

Check out the video below to watch an interview with the scientist who pioneered this philosophy.


Video Credit: lichtengel60


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