10 Reasons Why Anime Is Cool

10 Reasons Why Anime Is Cool

1. Because I said so.

2. It’s the only place where the hot bishies are as nice as the ugly dudes.

3. The hair defies the laws of physics!

4. The art, music, and story are always topnotch.

5. Cosplayers can dress like Madonna and not be considered sluts.

6. The chicks kick as much ass as the dudes.

7. A dude can act weird and not be considered gay.

8. School is never boring; anime makes studying fun!

9. People can talk to inanimate objects as well as animals and they will talk back without the use of drugs or alcohol.

10. It helps spread world peace through the coming together of dedicated fans meeting at anime conventions and on online forums.


The list and artwork was created by me. Navi was drawn with the bush tools/ messing around with the lens flare in Photoshop. Hyrule was made by messing around with gradients and different brush tools in Photoshop. I do not own the Legend Of Zelda, but I do own this list! Please don’t use the list without my consent. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

10 Reasons Why Anime Is Cool
by LyraAlluse on deviantART


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