Princess Jadeite of the Kirin

A kirin is an Eastern unicorn for those who don’t know. They are somewhat of a cross of a goat, a deer, a dragon, and what people consider to be a European unicorn. Kirin usually don’t have wings but since Jadeite is a princess I figured I would give her some. Her cutie mark is a citron because she has a similar skill to Rarity’s which is finding the hidden beauty in things which comes in handy as she is a Princess. I have a few different OCs and they are all the lesser known princesses of the world that no one really sees, like Zalea the queen of the dragons, Talitha the queen of the griffins, Jadeite the princess of the kirin (as pictured), Crescent the princess of the lunar ponies (ponies with bat wings), Princess Beryl of the breezies and Princess Coral of the sea ponies.

Princess Jadeite of the Kirin
by LyraAlluse on deviantART


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