2002 Twilight Zone Series Review

Forest Whitaker, host of the 2002 Twilight Zone series.

I started watching the 2002 Twilight Zone series not really expecting much. It is hard for any serial paranormal series to top the genius that Rod Serling created with the original Twilight Zone series (1959 – 1964), the twilight Zone Movie (1983), or his experimental series the Night Gallery (1969 – 1973). However, I was hooked from the first episode and to my surprise each episode only got better. It is a shame that it only ran for one season. I would have liked to see more seasons with the same writers and host (Forest Whitaker) but at least there are 44 episodes to watch over and over again.

The series had some pretty decent acting talent as well, pulling in seasoned television actors as well as the occasional Hollywood star. The acting lineup included the talents of Jessica Simpson, Wayne Knight, Christopher Titus, Eriq La Salle, Jason Bateman, James Remar, Method Man, Linda Cardellini, Jaime Pressly, Jeremy Sisto, Molly Sims, Tangi Miller, Portia de Rossi, Christopher McDonald, Wallace Langham, Jeremy Piven, Samantha Mathis, Ethan Embry, Shannon Elizabeth, Jonathan Jackson, Amber Tamblyn, Penn Badgley, Dylan Walsh, Robin Tunney, Michael Shanks, Gordon Michael Woolvett, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Xander Berkeley, Lukas Haas, Emily Perkins, and Elizabeth Berkley. McDonald, Langham, Xander Berkeley, and Haas.

The episodes themselves had unique concepts, even creating a sequel to the events of “It’s a Good Life” where a troubled boy named Anthony terrorizes his neighborhood with his supernatural abilities. The sequel, “It’s Still a Good Life”, explores the story of Anthony’s daughter and her inherited supernatural abilities which she uses for better or for worse.

I was also surprised that many technological themes were pulled into the series, such as video games, virtual simulations, and other modern technologies. I had my doubts that these modern additions would make for good scary story material but boy was I wrong! The writing made you believe the terror that was attached to each of the modern objects and was every bit as satisfying as the twist endings seen in the original series.

If you have some time to spare I would highly recommend watching this series. You can find it online if you know the right places to look. It has also been released on DVD and can still be bought through online distributors such as Amazon.com.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Twilight_Zone_(2002_TV_series)


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