Cyber Punk Raver Link

This is a compilation of pictures that were taken of me in my Cyber Punk Raver Link cosplay. The costume (including Cyber Punk Raver Navi) was made (primarily) by me. I entered the costume contest, but unfortunately I did not win the skit or craftsmanship categories. That is alright though because it was an experimental costume and I didn’t expect to win. Next time I will add some more things to my costume in order to make it a prize winning cosplay. My congratulations go out to all of the winners of the cosplay contest. You guys rock! I hope to see everyone at the next con.

Note: I hope that this costume inspires people to come up with creative interpretations of video game and anime characters. That was my main reason for making the costume in the first place.

Credits: I would like to thank WhiteHawkMinion for taking the second picture from the left. It was a great shot of me in my cosplay!

Cyber Punk Raver Link
by LyraAlluse on deviantART


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