Desert Spirits

Walking along the desert one day I found a group of desert spirits. The tallest was named Yenichi, the shortest was named Lenwaa and the middle sized one was named Ho-ochen. Yenichi said; “What is a mortal doing on sacred ground” Lenwaa said “This is not a place for the living.” Ho-ochen said “Turn and come back from where you came.” But I was lost and could not very well go home so I stayed despite the desert spirit’s warnings. “Please kind, spirits; help me find my way home. I am lost in the dessert and I need your guidance.” Yenichi grumbled. “Fine…we will help you. But you must do something in return. Take our picture with that camera you have and deliver it to the wind spirits which dwell in the east. Our sisters have never seen us and we would like to show them what we look like. We will give you directions. If you give the wind spirits our picture, then we will help you find your way out of the dessert.” I nodded. “All right then, just tell me where to go.”

Ho-ochen pointed toward a set of mountains in the distance. “Follow those trees to the top of the tallest summit of mount Keaneechi. There you will find the wind spirits.” I nodded and took a picture of the desert spirits before heading out on my quest. It was a perilous journey. The sun was beating down on me and my throat was parched from thirst. But somehow I was able to reach the tallest summit of the Keaneechi Mountains. There I met the wind spirits, and gave them the picture I had taken of their brothers. They were pleased; so pleased that they called a rain cloud fourth from the heavens for me to ride back to the desert spirits so I didn’t have to make the long journey back on my own.

Before I left the eldest sister of the wind spirits, Jun-yunn, gave me a necklace to show that I had truly completed my quest. I thanked her and then set off on the rain cloud to tell the desert spirits I had delivered their picture safely to the wind spirits. When I reached them, I humbly placed the sacred necklace that Jun-Yunn had given me in front of them to show I had completed my quest. Lenwaa smiled. “We are pleased. Because you have helped us, we shall help you escape the desert and will return you home.” Ho-ochen sung an ancient prayer to the heavens and before I knew what happened I had been transported home. To thank me for what I had done, the desert spirits secretly placed another picture of them in my digital camera for me to enjoy and treasure for years to come. This is my gift from the desert spirits.

You may doubt my story now but just remember; if you ever happen to be lost in the desert, be sure to seek the tallest desert spirit for advice. With enough coaxing, you will eventually be able to find your way home.

This picture was taken by me but put in my camera by the spirits of the desert. If you doubt my story, travel out past the mall in Flagstaff Arizona a ways. There, by the side of the road you will see the trio of desert spirits watching over their domain.

Desert Spirits
by LyraAlluse on deviantART


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