The Stone God Norg

Next I came upon The Stone God Norg. Norg told me that I could only get to the bottom of the valley if my heart was pure. Otherwise, I would walk around in circles for all eternity and would never get a chance to make my wish come true. I asked Norg how I could accomplish this task and he said to close my eyes. When I did, he told me to picture the most beautiful thing I could imagine. I pictured a white leopard with blue eyes. The white leopard came to me in my vision and told me to get on its back. I did in my mind and I heard Norg say in the background to open my eyes. When I did I was on the back of the leopard that I had pictured. The leopard jumped from ledge to ledge until it got to the bottom of the valley. It smiled and then disappeared. I saw a new path cutting through the woods below so I began to follow it. Somehow I knew it lead to the last stone god.


Meet the other Stone Gods to finish the story! They are listed in the order of the story.

The Great Stone God Ruu

The Stone God Shen

The Stone God Ryu

The Stone God Norg

The Stone God Urn

The Stone God Norg
by LyraAlluse on deviantART


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