The Stone God Ryu

The next Stone God, Ryu, was so large that I could only see his big rock teeth. He was laying in the path I was walking upon and would not let me pass until I answered a riddle. Ryu asked, “What is invisible to the eye but essential to the heart?” I thought a moment and then said, “Love!” Ryu laughed and said, “That is wrong. I’m afraid that I cannot let you pass little one.” I was feeling a bit discouraged but then I remembered something my grandmother once told me. I said, “I change my answer. The thing that is invisible but essential to the heart is belief. If you believe in yourself, then anything is possible.” Ryu grumbled a few times and then said, “Alright, I will let you pass. Continue on your quest, little one.” I thanked Ryu and I continued on the path. I wondered what the next stone god would look like as I made my way down the large valley.


Meet the other Stone Gods to finish the story! They are listed in the order of the story.

The Great Stone God Ruu

The Stone God Shen

The Stone God Ryu

The Stone God Norg

The Stone God Urn

The Stone God Ryu
by LyraAlluse on deviantART


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