Some Facts About Me

Angels and other winged creatures like fairies are cool.

Here are 40 facts about me!

1. I am an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, IA, and Starseed individual all in one. That is the best way I can describe it.

2. I am a musician. I make music and share it for the world to see.

3. I am an artist. I sell my art online and at craft shows and the like.

4. I am a writer. I write fantasy books, science fiction books, action books, adventure books, children’s books, craft books, natural product books, and how-to manuals.

5. I like to research ancient civilizations and technology.

6. I like to research historical events and all of the cultural aspects of those historical events.

7. I like to keep up to date with the latest technology and scientific discovery.

8. I like to research the cultural practices of people all around the world. Basically I am a closet Anthropologist.

9. I like to research prehistory, prehistoric humans, mammals, reptiles, insects, arachnids, and of course dinosaurs.

10. I am very into the paranormal and like learning about the unexplained mysteries of the world.

11. I like to learn about plants and natural resources and how these plants and natural resources can be used in daily life.

12. I like to learn about the healing properties other interesting aspects of crystals, gems, rocks, and minerals.

13. I am interested in New Age things like Crystal Grids, Crystal Healing, Tai Chi, Meditation, Energy Manipulation, Light Work, Shamanistic teachings and practices, Druidic teachings and practices, Mandalas, Yoga, Dowsing, Rune Casting, Tarot, Divination, Aura Reading, Chakras, Leylines, Power Spots, Inter-dimensional Travel, Time Travel, Binding and Sealing with Sigils, and communication with inter-dimensional beings such as angels.

14. I like to learn about all religions and spiritual beliefs around the world and have done extensive research into all spiritual practices, including ancient spiritual practices.

15. I like to make my own natural bath products such as shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub, toothpaste, and so on.

16. I am a big fan of stand-up comedy and I like listening to stand-up comedians on the radio, television, or seeing them live at comedy clubs.

17. I write poetry and like to participate in poetry slams or venues where I can read my poems. Because I write poetry, I like rap and hip hop because the good rap and hip hop songs are poetry spoken to a beat.

18. I like to make films and act. One day I would love to make my own animation and film studios.

19. I like to play and make video games. One day I would like to make my own game studio.

20. I like to read manga and watch anime. I think it would be cool to make my own manga studio and anime studio.

21. I have always like Maid Cafes and I think it would be cool to start a chain in the United States. I have also always liked Bath Houses/Onsens and I think it would be cool to start a chain of those as well.

22. I have an adventurous spirit and will try anything once, maybe even a few times.

23. I love to travel and meet new people.

24. I like to make my own clothing and accessories. I sell a line of my clothes and accessories online.

25. I love to learn new things and research all sorts of different areas of interest every day.

26. I like to make candy, cakes, and other sweets but I can’t eat most of the things I make because I am allergic to chocolate.

27. I like to cook Indian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Filipino food.

28. I love animals and often talk to them whenever I encounter them in the neighborhood or in the wild.

29. I love being part of the Fury fandom, the Steampunk fandom, and am proud to call myself a Brony.

30. I am pretty much into anything nerdy like comic books, manga, anime, science fiction shows and movies, fantasy shows and movies, and so on.

31. I love gardening and one day I want to grow all of my own food. I would also like to own some chickens so I can get as many eggs as I need.

32. I like learning about survival techniques and tactics. I apply this knowledge when I go camping or hiking outdoors.

33. I like to study martial arts and other fighting techniques. I also like learning how to fight with weapons including swords, spears, bow and arrow, and guns of different makes and models.

34. People often mistake me as a dude. I think it is more funny than anything else.

35. I am colorblind, have a light sensitivity which makes it hard for me to see in the dark, am allergic to chocolate, have mild OCD, have social anxiety, have depression, am anemic, and have some other health issues but I’m still alive and kicking it. Go me!

36. I am addicted to reading and one day would love to own a giant library.

37. I love watching live-action shows from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, The Philippines, and other parts of Asia.

38. I love to dance. I dance whenever I can get away with it.

39. I like making costumes, wearing them out in public, and participating in fashion shows or skits where I can show off my costume making skills.

40. I like doing voice acting and voice-overs. I also enjoy being part of radio culture.


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