The Seven Chakras

Chakra alignment is a healthy daily practice.

The Seven Chakras

An article about the seven energy centers of the body.


You have probably heard people mention chakras before, in meditation class or even among friends. I have researched a lot into the subject but I never found any articles that felt like they were relevant to me. Then one day while browsing through YouTube I found a guided meditation video about unlocking chakras. I decided to give it a try to finally understand what the big deal about chakras are all about. I am glad I gave it a shot.

It is funny that one eight minute video gave me more understanding and knowledge than half of the stuff people try to explain in books or internet articles. Hopefully this article will help you understand a little more about chakras as well, in an easy and fun way that you can share with others.

Put very simply, chakras are energy centers that form at key places in the body. They collect at seven major areas of the body and form a rainbow spectrum from the feet to the crown of the head. If you can remember the colors of the rainbow, you can remember the colors and positions of the seven chakras.

The Seven Chakras:

The seven chakra colors and positions are as follows:

Red Chakra: Root/ Base chakra. Its position is at the base of the spine. Energy is drawn up from the ground through the feet and legs. It is the root of your being and establishes the deepest connections with your physical body, your environment and with the Earth. Muladhara is the most instinctual of all chakras – it is your survival center. Your fight and flight response is initiated from this chakra. This is your primal, animal nature. The energy of Muladhara allows us to harness courage, resourcefulness and the will to live during trying times. It connects us with spiritual energies of our ancestors, their challenges and their triumphs. It represents the connection with life.

Since Base Chakra carries our ancestral memories, basically everyone experiences challenges or blockages within muladhara. War, famine, natural disasters, and any events that threaten our basic survival, are all recorded within energies of the first chakra.

These memories are imprinted in the subtle body and are passed down from generation to generation creating unconscious generational patterns. It is our work to take responsibility for our own lives and bring to light that which is unconscious.

Element: Earth

Celestial Body: Saturn

Musical Note: C

Seed Sound: Lam

Sense: Smell

Food Type: Proteins, Meat

Animals: Elephant, Ox, Bull

Stones: Garnet, Hematite, Tourmaline

Essential Oils: Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Flower: Indian Paintbrush

Main Focus: Physical Existence

Right: To Have


Orange Chakra: Sacral Chakra. Its position is the pelvic area. It is your passion and pleasure center. While the Root Chakra is satisfied with survival, the sacral chakra seeks pleasure and enjoyment. The gift of this chakra is experiencing our lives through feelings and sensations. The second chakra is the center of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection. The energy of this chakra allows you to let go, to move, and to feel change and transformation occurring within your body. It allows you to experience this moment as it is, in its own fullness. It represents order.

The main challenge for the second chakra is the conditioning of our society. We live in a society where feelings are not valued, where passion and emotional reactions are being frowned upon. We are being taught not to “lose control”. And we get disconnected from our bodies, our feelings.

Element: Water

Celestial Body: Moon

Musical Note: D

Seed Sound: Vam

Sense: Taste

Food Type: Liquids

Animals: Fish, Alligators

Stones: Coral, Carnelian, Moonstones

Essential Oils: Jasmine, Geranium, Orange Blossom

Flower: Pomegranate

Main Focus: Emotions and Intimacy

Right: To Feel


Yellow Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra. Its position is the midsection. Located between the navel and solar plexus, is your power center – your Core Self. While the Sacral chakra seeks pleasure and enjoyment, the third chakra is all about who you are. The gift of this chakra is sensing your personal power, being confident, responsible, and reliable. The third chakra is the center of your self-esteem, your willpower, self-discipline, as well as warmth in your personality. The energy of this chakra allows you to transform inertia into action and movement. It allows you to meet challenges and mover forward in your life. It represents wisdom.

The main challenge for the third chakra is to use your personal power in a balanced manner. What does that mean? It means consciously harnessing the energy of the solar plexus chakra. It means being proactive rather than reactive or inactive.

Element: Fire

Celestial Body: Mars, Sun

Musical Note: E

Seed Sound: Ram

Sense: Sight

Food Type: Carbohydrates

Animals: Ram, Lion

Stones: Topaz, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye

Essential Oils: Basil, Ginger, Bergamot

Flower: Sunflower

Main Focus: Power and Identity

Right: To Act


Green Chakra: Heart Chakra. Its position is the chest. It is the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy is located at the heart center. Anahata moves love through your life. It is the center of your deep bonds with other beings, your sense of caring and compassion, your feelings of self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect. Anahata is an integrating and unifying chakra – bringing to wholeness – as such, it is your healing center. Indeed, most spiritual traditions recognize love as the ultimate healing force. The energy of Anahata allows us to recognize that we are a part of something larger, that we are interconnected within an intricate web of relationships extending through life and the universe. Anahata allows us to recognize and get in touch with the sacred and fundamental truth that runs through all of life and connects everything together. It represents love.

The “way of the heart” or the “path of the heart” is living your life from this energy center of love. It means living your life with loving kindness and compassion towards others. It means that your heart is open to others and you inspire kindness and compassion in others. You create safe and supportive environment.

Element: Air

Celestial Body: Venus

Musical Note: F

Seed Sound: Yam

Sense: Touch

Food Type: Vegetables

Animals: Antelope, Dove

Stones: Jade, Emerald, Rose Quartz

Essential Oils: Rose, Benzoin, Eucalyptus

Flower: Wild Rose

Main Focus: Love and Connection

Right: To Love


Blue Chakra: Throat Chakra. Its position is the center of the throat. It is the fifth chakra and it is the first of the higher or spiritual chakras on the “chakra ladder”. This chakra is located in the region of neck and shoulders and its color is blue. The gift of this chakra is accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice and speaking your truth. The energy of this chakra allows you to seek knowledge that is true, beyond limitations of time and space, beyond cultural and family conditioning. The main challenge for the fifth chakra is doubt and negative thinking. When you gain and verify your knowledge through meditation and direct experience, then doubt and negativity are removed. It represents power.

The “way of the Throat Chakra” is the way of inspired creativity, seeking and sharing of the truth. It is the way of standing up for what you believe, saying no when you need to, and being open and honest in what you say.

Element: Sound

Celestial Body: Mercury

Musical Note: G

Seed Sound: Ham

Sense: Hearing

Food Type: Fruit

Animals: Elephant, Bull

Stones: Sodalite, Celestite, Turquoise

Essential Oils: Hyssop, Clementine, Blue Chamomile

Flower: Desert Larkspur

Main Focus: Self Expression and Life Purpose

Right: To Express


Indigo Chakra: Third Eye Chakra. Its position is the center of the forehead. It transcends time. It is located at the brow, above the base of the nose. The gift of this chakra is seeing – both inner and outer worlds. The energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thought as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation and self-reflection. Through the gift of seeing we can internalize the outer world and with symbolic language we can externalize the inner world. The energy of Ajna allows us to access our inner guidance that comes from the depths of our being. It allows us to cut through illusion and to access deeper truths – to see beyond the mind, beyond the words. It represents imagination.

The “way of the third eye” is seeing everything as it is from a point of “witness” or “observer”, or from simply being mindful – moment by moment. It means examining self-limiting ideas and developing wisdom that comes from a perspective that transcends the duality of good or bad, black or white. It means seeing and helping others to see the deeper meanings of the situations in their lives.

Element: Light

Celestial Body: Neptune

Musical Note: A

Seed Sound: Om

Sense: Intuition/ ESP “6th Sense”

Food Type: Beauty (Visual Feast)

Animals: Owl, Butterfly

Stones: Opal, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli

Essential Oils: Rosemary, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang

Flower: Aster

Main Focus: Clear Perspective and Psychic Ability

Right: To Perceive


Violet Chakra: Crown Chakra. Its position is the top of the head. It is the seventh chakra and it is at the top of the “chakra ladder” which starts from the Root Chakra that grounds us on the Earth and progresses upward to the Sahasrara which connects us with the universe and the Divine source of creation. Sahasrara is located at the crown of the head. The gift of this chakra is experiencing unity and the selfless realization that everything is connected at a fundamental level. The energy of this chakra allows us to experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature. There is no intellectual knowing at the level of seventh chakra, but there is serenity, joy, and deep peace about life. You have a sense of knowing that there is a deeper meaning of life and that there is an order that underlies all of existence.

The “way of the Crown Chakra” is the way of going beyond the limits of your own ego. It is the way of transcending the ego and knowing that all of creation is interconnected at a fundamental level. A level that some call the “Akasha” or “Zero Point Field”, or just “The Field”. This is the fundamental level of connection. It represents understanding and will.

Element: Thought

Celestial Body: Uranus

Musical Note: B

Seed Sound: Silence

Sense: None (Beyond Senses)

Food Type: Fasting

Animals: Elephant, Ox, Bull

Stones: Diamond, Amethyst, Clear Quartz

Essential Oils: Myrrh, Violet, Frankincense

Flower: Saguaro

Main Focus: Connection to Spirit and Wisdom

Right: To Know


Now that you are familiar with the colors, the positions, and representations of what each chakra stands for now I can talk about how this knowledge can be applied to yoga, meditation, tai chi, reiki, and other activities which utilize energy manipulation in various ways.

Chakras and Meditation:

In the case of meditation, visualizing the opening of each chakra starting from the red, root chakra at the feet and working your way all the way up to the violet crown chakra at the crown of the head helps to get the energy centers flowing. For each chakra I like to picture that I am unlocking a door of that color which helps to let the energy flow out of it and activate the next chakra in the line.

Meditation is a great starting point before you move on to using the chakras in yoga, tai chi, reiki, or other energy manipulation activities. It is good to have all seven chakra points activated before you attempt to use the energy centers of your body in various ways.

Chakras and Yoga:

When applying chakras activation to yoga, first meditate and activate the chakras one by one. Guided meditation can help with this. Make sure to clear your mind, take deep healing breaths so that you are relaxed and focused. Listen to meditation music if you need something going on in the background to help focus your mind.

Once the chakras are activated, proceed to do the different yoga positions while focusing on the chakras that pertain to the area you are stretching. For example, if you do a yoga tree pose, the focus is on the movement of the arms. The arms are in line with green heart chakra, so focus on the chakra and think of subjects pertaining to love while in that position.

Chakras and Tai Chi:

When applying chakra activation to tai chi or other energy centered martial art forms, first activate the chakra centers with meditation. Then decide what chakra you want to use as an energy focus to enhance your tai chi move. You can use any chakra center but I like to use the third eye indigo chakra and violet crown chakra to focus energy with as they are the highest energy points in the chakra line.

Chakras and Reiki:

When applying chakra activation to reiki or other energy centered healing forms like crystal healing, first activate the chakra centers with meditation. Then decide what chakra you want to use to focus its energy on the area of the body that needs to be healed. You can either determine this by the chakra’s location, for example if someone has an injured foot, so you use the red base chakra to heal the injured foot, or the chakras identity, for example someone has a problem finding inspiration so you use the Indigo third eye chakra to help channel inspiration energy to the person.

Final Note:

A final thing to note is that when it comes to chakras you shouldn’t limit yourself. There are endless ways to use the energy centers of the body which just takes imagination and practice on your part.


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