Social Media Overview

Social Media Overview:

My name Emma Lee Downs and I am just another author struggling to make her way in the world. I write music on various instruments, draw, paint, sculpt, and of course, write. I like the outdoors, playing sports, traveling, learning new things, eating strange foods, doing extreme sports and getting the most I can out of life by using each waking hour of it to do something new! I will try anything once, just as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. I am a strong advocate for individuality and living life to the fullest. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, dancing when I get the time, creating languages for the book series I am writing, hanging out with friends, and making random documentaries with my video camera. In the future, I hope to be a writer, who illustrates her own books, an artist, a film maker, and whatever else life suggests would be good for me to follow.

My Websites:

My Tip Jar:

My Art Patreon:

My Music Patreon:

My Stores:

My E-Mail:

My Published Work:

I have had many of my stories and poems published in different collections and websites. I am always happy to have new readers. Feel free to check out all of my published work. If you like what you see, share with your family and friends.

My published work:

My Writing Accounts:

Also, I have some other writing accounts which I will list below for your enjoyment.

FanFiction.Net Account:

FictionPress.Com Account:

Trollpasta Wiki Account:

Creepypasta Wiki Account:

Inkitt Account:

Wattpad Account:

FIMFiction.Net Account:

Smashwords Account:

​Lulu Account:

​My Amazon Author Profile:

Major Music Project:

I am working on a major music project right now. I am excited because I am getting my songs officially produced.

If you want to check out my music and support the project, you can follow the links below.

Check out my Facebook Music Page:

Check out my Reverbnation Page:

Check out my Sound Cloud Page:

Check out my MySpace Music Page:

Check out my YouTube Music Page:

Check out all of my websites here:

Keep updated about my music project here:

You can also find my new songs in my gallery at this link:

Donate to my Patreon:

My Art Accounts:

Feel free to check out my art accounts and follow them if you happen to like my style.

My DeviantArt:

My Fur Affinity:

My Tumblr:

My Derpibooru:

My Facebook Art Page:

My YouTube Art Page:

My Art Patreon:

Thank you for checking out the links and your continued support everyone. I will keep you updated on the progress of things as I go along.

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