Fernwood Crafter

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Looking for great crafts to purchase for friends and family? Feel free to check out Fernwood Crafter, an online craft store that offers all sorts of crafted items from accessories to key chains to jewelry!

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J’s Writing

Stop by an read the comic books of J Thomas and his comic company 3rd Level Comics!

Looking for some great web comics to follow? Then look no further than the comic universes created by J Writes.

J Thomas is a comic book and manga writer. He owns a comic book company called 3rd Level Comics. Right now, he is working on turning his company into Comic Book Publishing company. He is also a comic book writer for T.R.I.B.E. Studio Comics, column writer for The WOD Newspaper & Webzine and a Judge for the 2nd Annual The Geekie Awards.

He was also part of 12 writers that set 3 Guinness World Records for the comic book, “Down in Robotown”, written in under 11 hours – beating the record set in April of 2011. Other members included that of Kyle Higgins, Tom Hutchison, Raven Gregory, Eric Esquivel, Pat Shand and more.

What are you waiting for? Check out all of his great websites right now! You won’t be disappointed.

One of his many comic book projects.

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Catch up on the current issues of the web comic All Sketched Up.

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Jennie J Music

Stop by and listen to Jennie J Music!

If you are looking for a great new musical artist to listen to from the Valley, feel free to stop by and listen to Jennie J Music. Her music style is a mix of pop, hip hop, and rap. Her songs are professional sounding, fluid, and always fun. She also has great fan interaction and updates all of her websites on a regular basis.

Here is a YouTube video of her song Rear View Mirror.

Her YouTube is also worth checking out for regular updates on her music projects and watching her music videos.

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Feel free to add her as a friend on all of your social media. She is always happy to have new friends and followers. And if you like what you hear, feel free to tell all of your family and friends.