Interesting Facts Concerning The Supernatural

Lately I have been getting really into the mythology surrounding demon fighting/ fighting of evil supernatural entities and I’ve done a lot of research into it. A lot of what the media portrays it as being is completely wrong. For one thing, people always tie demon fighting with Christianity but every major religion in the world, spiritual practice, and ancient mythology/ religious practice contains legends of demon fighters and even ways to get rid of them. Therefore, one can’t link demon fighting with a specific religion; it is something that has been around for a very long time with any evolving rule set as the times changed. The most effective demon fighting doesn’t come with crosses, religious symbols, or a priest; it comes with magic. That’s right; the supernatural manipulation of energy is what gets rid of demons. Sounds like a conflict of interest getting rid of something with an art that is said to be anti-religious but I would remind you again that fighting evil supernatural entities is not tied to any specific religion; it is just a reality of the world.

We live in a realm that has multiple dimensions, supernatural entities, and unexplained occurrences as proven by string theory and quantum physics. This being the case, using energy as a source to get rid of unwanted spiritual energy isn’t such a far stretch of the imagination. In fact, there are real cases of people who can use energy or magnetism to levitate objects, stick objects to themselves, and create high pitched noises to confuse people. There are real life cases of people who exhibit characteristics similar to those that vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural entities share. For example there is a real life story of a man that turned into a tree. That is right. You heard me correctly. He turned into a tree. If you don’t believe me, look up Tree Man on YouTube and you will get some very interesting results. If you are interested in other weird paranormal people, look up the show True Life Superheroes and you will be introduced to many people, including the Ice Man who can withstand impossible weather changes, which make a pretty convincing argument that supernatural things exist in this world.

Aside from weird supernatural people, there are also recorded power spots, leylines, and energy centers that the earth emits that are said to contain energy that can take people to other realms, other places on earth, and even heal people. Nikola Tesla, a scientist, actually figured out how to harness the energy that the earth emits to create a free energy source that draws directly from the earth’s magnetic field. Because companies could find no profit in it, they chose to go with Thomas Edison’s invention, the light bulb, instead. The companies also felt that Thomas Edison’s invention fit in better with the production line system. However, had we gone with Tesla’s invention we would have free energy for everything from cars to indoor lighting and would not be in the energy crisis we are in today. It all goes back to greed and the companies wanting to charge for services that a free energy system could not provide them. I’m pretty optimistic though. One day we will find out how to harness free energy for ourselves, and companies will find some way to charge people for it. Got to love capitalism. The point of me rambling on about all of this is that supernatural things do exist in the world and the answers are out there if you take the time to look for them.

The supernatural occurrences of the world are pretty normal and have their roots in scientific understanding. Why people can’t wrap their heads around these things is pretty surprising to me considering that life itself is somewhat of a supernatural occurrence and no one questions it. Beyond supernatural entities, there are archaeological instances of civilizations made of little people, and also civilizations made of giants. Archaeologists have found people with characteristics of elves although they classify those people as genetic mutations the fact is that they still existed. Then there is the fact that dinosaurs share characteristics with almost every dragon mythology in the world. This is weird considering that they were supposed to have died a long time ago and not have coexisted with human beings. Yet, even in South America, there is a legend to this day about a dinosaur that looks like a brontosaurus that makes rain and brings life to the rain forest. None of the members of the South American tribe have ever been to a natural history museum but the native people always draw the picture of the brontosaurus with such accuracy that it makes anthropologists wonder if some dinosaurs actually did survive the original mass extinction.

The mythologies I have read surrounding demon fighting from all over the world are very interesting. All of what I would consider the true accounts include using spiritual energy to get rid of them. A lot of the most interesting accounts come from Norse Mythology which is one of the only mythologies to include alternate dimensions linked with the natural world within it. For example, Norse mythology says that the world is divided into many alternate universes accessed by portals. There is a realm of the giants, a realm of the elves, a realm of the dwarfs, etc. that are all linked with portals to our world. In Norse mythology there is also a lot legends about Loki the trickster who often works with bad spirits to get on the bad side of the other Gods/ supernatural beings. Demon fighters were the heroes that rose up using their supernatural abilities to end Loki’s mischief and tampering with the dark forces. I would classify any hero as someone with a gift for demon fighting, although they may not have been called that in the actual mythology, because they stop evil with their supernatural ability which is the very definition of what a demon fighter is.

Other texts show that demon fighters had a specific code they lived by. For example they never took the life of a demon or evil entity because all life was considered sacred to the Gods. Instead, they bound the entities with their magic and sent them back to the underworld. In other cases they redeemed the souls of the evil entities and turned them to good. Very rarely did they actually kill an evil entity unless they absolutely had to. This is very different than the media presentation which always shows a Catholic priest exercising s demon from a young girl. (And isn’t it interesting that is always a woman who is possessed?) Demon fighting has a very long history that is more complex than using just crosses to drive out evil forces and talking to angelic beings. It spans across time to every major religious belief and mythology ever recorded in human history and beyond. It’s an interesting subject that I wish people portrayed more accurately in cinema, television, or books who always link it with Christianity when its roots go back to the very first human beings on the planet. This is why I am writing a book series that tells the truth about this conflict subject and disconnects it with Christianity; a mistake that too many people have made in the presentation of it over the years.


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